Premium Modules for WHMCS

Take complete control over your WHMCS site and make it your own.
From notification providers to advanced automation, we've got it all!

Pay Attention to What Matters Most

With the Mattermost notification provider module, you’ll never have to wonder what important stuff is going on. Why slack off with Slack when you can keep an eye on what matters most?

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Streamline your SMS with Twilio

The Twilio notification provider module integrates seamlessly with the Twilio SMS service via their robust API. Never miss a beat when you get your SMS notifications delivered by Twilio.

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Always be the first thing that pops up

With the popup modal addon module, you can always be the first thing that pops up. Show important messages in both the client area and the admin area.

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Increases Productivity

All of our modules are designed with increased productivity in mind. This means that our modules are designed to be easy to use by those of any skill level.

Supported as Standard

All of our modules are fully supported by our knowledgable Technical Analysts. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Seamless Integration

Our modules integrate seamlessly with their respective platform. No half-mesaures here.

Immediate Issue

Upon purchase, pending a fraud check, your respective license is immediately issued and sent via email, ensuring you can make use of your shiny new module as quickly as possible.


It has never been easier to create custom business solutions on WHMCS!